3M Paint Protection Vs Xpel Clear Bra

When it comes to protecting your car from scratches, dents and chips, there are many products that claim to do the job. But how do you know which one is best for you?

This article will help you make an informed decision about choosing a protective product for your vehicle. You’ll learn about the benefits of each type of protection, the differences between 3M Paint Protection and XPEL Clear Bra, and the better option for you. So if you need a little help in deciding what product to use or want to be fully informed before making a purchase, read on!

The Benefits of 3M Paint Protection

3M Scotchgard is a clear, protective film that helps prevent your car from getting damaged. This product can be applied to the front and rear windows as well as the hood, trunk and bumper areas of your vehicle. It makes cleaning easier, protects against UV rays and lasts for about seven years.

The benefits of 3M Scotchgard are plenty. It doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part to keep it clean, which is one of its best features. You can also apply it yourself without having to visit a repair shop or pro detail er for assistance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about scratches, dirt or other particles damaging your car because 3M Paint Protection offers protection from all of those things and is a quality film. But does have the effects from to much UV light and can yellow over time.

The Benefits of XPEL Clear Bra

Xpel Clear Bra offers a tougher, more durable product that can last up to five years.XPEL Paint Protection Films are resistant to scratching, etching, UV damage and other weathering. XPEL also promises that their product will never yellow or turn brittle over time as it’s made with a self healing film, which is perfect protection for any custom paint job that needs more protection.

Another benefit of XPEL Clear Bra is the installation process. Unlike 3M Scotch guard, which involves a car wash and spray-on application process that can take up to two hours, XPEL Clear Bra can be applied in about 45 minutes with no special tools required.

The last thing you want is for your car to get scratched at work or on the drive home from the grocery store. With Xpel Clear Bra, you don’t have to worry about scratches because they are 100 percent guaranteed not to happen! These quality films have a self healing property which means that is there is a scratch, all you need is a little hot water and it is fixed.

Durable protection

One of the most beneficial aspects of using a protective product like 3M Paint Protection is that it offers durable protection. Once applied, this coating will last for months and cannot be removed from the entire vehicle without a lot of work.

This type of coating is designed to protect your vehicle from corrosion and rust. It also guards against wear-and-tear caused by environmental factors such as bird droppings, tree sap, bugs, acid rain and more.

3M’s protective film coatings protect automotive surfaces from dirt, dust and damage caused by water spots. The coating seals in any topcoat paint job with zero interference, making it perfect for protecting both new cars and older cars that need stain resistant finish and repels bug residue.

The market for paint protection has grown due to the fact that vehicle costs have gone up so much in the last ten years. This product is a performance protection against environmental contaminants and any unsightly blemishes to the paints finish.


the differences between 3M Paint Protection and XPEL Clear Bra

Stops the spread of scratches, dents and chips

As you probably know, your vehicle is constantly at risk for light scratches, dents and chips. Whether it’s from driving on rough roads or just being in a parking lot full of cars, there are always opportunities for your car to be damaged. But with the right protective product, you can reduce the chances of this happening and give you peace of mind.

As we said before, there are many different options available to protect your vehicle. You could get a wax or paint ceramic sealant to keep your car looking shiny and new. You could also opt for 3M’s protective film or XPEL Clear Bra. Both products offer protection against scratches and other stains, but they have different advantages.

XPEL Clear Bra does offer protection against scratches or cracks and stain resistance but does prevent very minor dents and rock chips from spreading if applied properly. Unlike 3M of which was the leader in the paint protection film industry. The 3M Paint Protection Film can not stand up to everyday abuse like the XPEL line.

Prevents water spotting

The first thing to know is that a clear bra will prevent water spotting, while 3M’s protective film won’t. This is because XPEL Clear Bra is a protective film that goes over the paint on your vehicle, covering it completely. It’s invisible to the eye and provides a tough shield between your car and scratches, dents and chips. The amazing clarity of covering the paint surface is normally what sells folks.

3M’s protective film is not a protective film like XPEL Clear Bra, the paint protection film line has become the leader at Xpel compared to the once leader in the industry. 

While 3M  might seem like the more attractive option because of the shorter period of coverage, it doesn’t cover against unlimited incidences and minor scratches. Whereas, XPEL Clear Bra covers you and your vehicle for the duration of your ownership. This means that if anything happens to your car’s paint during this time That is on you.

However, if you don’t plan to keep your car for a while or want to upgrade in the future and sell your current vehicle; then buying Xpel ultimate would be best for you.


Picking one can be hard to decide what is best for your vehicle, But Xpel has the better track record when it comes to paint protection films. The the world’s first self-healing film that even comes in a matte finish and professional installation. More customers are choosing this over ceramic coatings.

The paint protection film installation at Great Lakes Clear Bra is second to none, with over a decade in the industry, they provide professional quality for vehicle owners which is one of the key differences in shops. So if you are in the market and want a quality installation, we would love for you to contact us Today!

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