Vision Clear View Plus Window Film

Vision Clear View Plus Window Film has a variety of purpose-specific window films that cater to many needs and is ideal for homes and businesses looking to reduce the transfer of heat through glass. At the Witte Museum, VISION Clear View Plus 70 was applied to the hallway windows. It reduced the amount of exterior heat, allowing museumgoers a comfortable experience while learning about science, culture, and nature.


VLTs Available: 35, 50, 60

Developed with nano-ceramic technology, this exceptionally durable film performs in the toughest environments. It provides heat, UV, and glare reduction, without the look of conventional metal films.


VLTs Available: 15, 25, 40, 70

Using smart metal technology, this film rejects a significant amount of heat while allowing visible light to pass through. The smart metals add an elegant shine designed to complement exterior aesthetics.


VLTs Available: 20, 40, 55, 70

A multi-layered construction, this innovative film offers the highest performance possible from non-shiny film. It provides maximum infrared heat rejection and does not increase the shine of existing glass.

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