What Is a Clear Bra? | The Best Way To Protect Your Car

The amount of time and effort that goes into your vehicle’s exterior is important, but why not take it one step further to protect it from the elements? This blog post will explore what a clear bra is, how it protects your car from damage and tips on where to apply one on your car. With the cost of a new vehicle, it is in your best interest to add a layer of paint protection from environmental damage that can occur at anytime. From damage from rock chips to damage from mineral deposits, it is in your best interest to add a durable urethane film to help protect your investment.

What is a clear bra?

A clear bra or “clear bra” is also known as a “clear bra overlay, ” a paint protection film that covers the vehicle’s painted surface. The film can be applied to any part of the car including fenders, bumpers, sides, doors, and hoods. The film will protect against rock chips and physical damage with its transparent covering. It also presents an advantage over other types of paint protection methods because it is more affordable than ceramic coating and less damaging than traditional paint polishing.

What is the point of a clear bra?

The point of a clear bra is to protect the car’s paint job from being scratched or damaged by rocks, bugs, and road debris. The protective film works as more than just a protective barrier, it is also an effective way to increase the gloss and shine of your vehicle’s paint.

It adds a layer of protection to the existing automotive paint to help protect the vehicle from scratches and bug splatter. The whole goal in the end is to protect the original paint job, with advanced paint protection film like Xpel.


Can a clear bra be removed?

While it is removable, the clear bra can be removed but the process is costly and will require a professional. A clear bra has the advantage of being long-lasting because it’s not a coating on the vehicle’s surface. The film will protect your car and depending on what you get, some have a 10 year warranty with them.

A normal bra paint protection, no matter the product can be removed if need be, But most of the products today do carry a warranty and rarely need to be removed. The average paint protection film compared to an average complete paint correction from a ceramic coating services shop. The two hardly compare to one another as one is more for shine and not protection from external damage such as the common stone chip.

How long does a clear bra on a car last?

A clear bra will last typically from 5-12 years and this depends on use and care mind you. Factors such as weather and the quality of paint job on your vehicle will affect how long the film lasts. In general, a clear bra with advanced technology, will normally out last the buyer as most people sell their car after 7 years.

Is Clear bra worth it?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on how much protection you want. Clear bras are a cost-effective alternative to more expensive paint polishing and ceramic coatings.A Clear bra has an invisible shield to help protect it from minor scratches from a car wash, stone chips, etc. The damage from stones on the nose of a car can add up in a hurry, compared to the cost of a clear bra installation.

Final Thoughts

A clear bra is a great way to protect your car from physical damage and help keep your paint looking fresh. Consider contacting us for a professional installation and protect your vehicle surface with an Xpel paint protection film installation. Let Great Lakes Clear Bra a leader in paint protection, help you to protect your vehicle from unsightly damage and damage from road debris. Schedule a call Today!

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