What Is Paint Protection Film

What Is Paint Protection Film

What is paint protection film otherwise known as PPF and why you need this product for your vehicle.

After the United States entered into War, the U.S. Army requested 3M to develop an anti-corrosion coating for their helicopters. They wanted something that would be both inconspicuous and light weight.

It was clear that replacing damaged rotor blades would be easier than trying to repair them and there were immediate benefits from doing so. And now is available not just for cars but for trucks and RVs as well.

Is it worth getting paint protection film?

The truth is when it comes to your car or trucks finish is we all go to the drive through car wash and those will scratch the factory paint. The film has self-healing properties as well. What does the mean? simple, when out in the sun, any scratches in the film will disappear and look great again. That will eliminate a

paint correction for your finish as well.
While there are a wide variety of automotive paint protection film on the market, we are a Xpel dealer located here In Grand Rapids Michigan.

How long does protective paint film last?

Most films will last between 5 -10 years and is well worth the investment, depending on how much you use the vehicle and a car wash as well. Paint protection films add additional protection from potential paint damage in any form really. The one that people normally ask about is protection against rock chips and it does do that.

What Is Paint Protection Film

How Do I wash My Car With PPF?

Just like you normally would really, as long as you do not use any harsh chemicals to it, It should be fine.The product is really a urethane layer that is bonded and protects the entire panel it is bonded to. The product is better than a ceramic coat, because a ceramic coat will not protect the vehicle from light scratches nor from damage from rock chips. The paint protection film solution far exceeds the detailing shop and a ceramic coating.


Is it worth getting paint protection film?

That question does come up a lot and the truth is, with the cost of a new vehicle why would you not get it? It really is a far superior product to protect your vehicle from road grime and road debris and is also stain resistance to certain chemical damage. The upfront investment to provide an invisible shield to protect your car just makes sense.

You can get the film in a variety of finishes as well, from matte finish to a glossy finish. And adding a protective layer to your original paint job is money well spent.


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