PlastiDip Spray vs Clear Bra

Plasti Dip Spray vs Clear Bra: Unveiling the Core Differences

In the world of car protection and customization, two names stand out: Plasti Dip Spray and Clear Bra. Both of these products have their own unique strengths and uses, making them popular among car enthusiasts. However, understanding their differences is vital in determining the best protection and customization solution for your car. In this article, we delve into the details of Plasti Dip Spray and Clear Bra, unraveling their major differences.

Plasti Dip Spray: An Overview

Plasti Dip Spray is a flexible, rubber-based coating originally created for dipping tool handles for a more comfortable, non-slip grip. However, its versatility caught the attention of car enthusiasts, leading to its use as a protective and aesthetic coating for vehicles.

Plasti Dip is renowned for its easy, do-it-yourself application. Simply spray the product onto the desired surface, whether it be your car’s body, rims, or interior components. It dries to form a smooth, rubberized layer that can withstand weather, chemicals, impact, and abrasion. The coating is also peelable, meaning it can be removed cleanly without damaging the underlying surface. This removability provides the freedom to change colors and finishes as often as one likes, making it popular among those who love personalizing their cars.

Clear Bra: An Overview

On the other hand, Clear Bra, also known as Paint Protection Film (PPF), is a thin, transparent film applied to a car’s exterior to protect it from scratches, stone chips, and harmful UV rays. Clear Bra is typically made from urethane material, known for its high durability and self-healing properties. This means minor scratches and scuffs can vanish with heat application, keeping the vehicle looking pristine.

Unlike Plasti Dip, Clear Bra application often requires professional installation to ensure a seamless and bubble-free appearance. Clear Bra is typically applied to high-impact areas like the front bumper, hood, and mirror caps, but it can cover the entire vehicle for maximum protection. It’s virtually invisible, preserving the original look and color of the car while providing a high level of protection.

PlastiDip Spray vs Clear Bra

Comparing Plasti Dip Spray and Clear Bra

  1. Aesthetics and Personalization: Plasti Dip offers more color and finish options, ranging from matte to glossy, metallic to neon. It’s great for car owners who love to switch up their vehicle’s look regularly. Clear Bra, being transparent, does not offer color change but maintains the car’s original color and shine.

  2. Application: Plasti Dip can be a DIY project with proper precautions, while Clear Bra generally demands professional installation for perfect results.

  3. Durability: Clear Bra tends to last longer, typically between 5-10 years, and offers self-healing properties. Plasti Dip, though durable, might need touch-ups or reapplications after a few years, especially under harsh conditions.

  4. Protection Level: Both products provide good protection against weather and road debris. However, Clear Bra’s self-healing feature makes it superior in shielding against minor scratches and scuffs.

  5. Cost: Plasti Dip is generally more cost-effective, especially if you’re doing the application yourself. Clear Bra involves a higher upfront cost due to the material’s quality and the professional installation.


In the battle between Plasti Dip Spray and Clear Bra, the decision hinges on your needs and priorities. If you’re a car enthusiast who loves frequent color changes and personalization, and you’re working within a budget, Plasti Dip might be the way to go. But if your focus is on long-term, high-level protection while maintaining your car’s original aesthetics, investing in a Clear Bra application could be more beneficial. Ultimately, both offer unique benefits and serve to prolong the life and look of your vehicle.

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